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Monark is leadership development growth for the 21st century.

A digital leadership guide fun enough to get you engaged in the hard-work of self-analysis.

It's a game-changer for an industry plagued by inaccessible, over-priced, and over-complicated solutions. Despite the billions of dollars poured into the industry every year, we still see ineffective solutions. Leaders are failing, and teams aren't growing.

Here’s where the problems start.

When organizations seek leadership solutions, they hire external consultants, executive coaches, or send employees to offsite courses, typically at a five-figure price tag.

While morale-building and at best, educational, these programs are usually only offered to "the chosen few" - the high-potential employees. Doubling down on inaccessibility, these learnings and resources aren't available when you actually need them (in real time). They live in hotel conference rooms and in binders on shelves. This leaves us with failing solutions that are archaic, expensive and inaccessible.

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The future of leadership in an app that democratizes knowledge for anyone who wants it.

We believe modern leaders need modern solutions, and we don’t sacrifice science for simplicity. Monark offers leaders of all kinds, at all levels, a continuous and integrated experience, beginning with assessment and offering components like reflection, coaching, and accountability.


No longer under the guise of complex (copied) models, evidence-based, professional growth services and education are now in your pocket, anywhere; anytime.


In the same way you no longer need a fitness coach or nutritionist to lose weight, Monark cuts out the expensive middleman. You could send your high-performers to a course in California, or you could get them on Monark at a price less than the plane ticket.


Monark gives leaders the reigns over their own leadership journey, with the ability to track real performance changes and ask for feedback when you need it. Leaders no longer need to operate blindly.

Real Progress

Monark's platform provides AI-powered assessment, goal setting, and education, and leans on the principles of behaviour change to provide real time, "smart nudges." The result is real and lasting change.

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Think of Monark as your leadership compass. You still have to put in the work, but we’ll guide you every step of the way.

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